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09 computers are taken an examination of grind all takes an examination of what
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Authority of division of name of article of 10 thousand seas learning · is unscrambled the computer was taken an examination of 2009 grind all takes an examination of outline

Data structure takes an examination of bit of analysis

In this series mix 2 in, we part from problem structure, all take an examination ofing is forecasted, check limits macroscopical go up everybody is analytic all takes an examination of outline, next the our meeting knowledge site from each division begins to come analytic all takes an examination of outline. The check target fixed position that all of 9 years checks outline logarithm to occupy a structure is the basic idea that understands data structure, master the logistic structure of data, memory structure and its difference, and the implementation of all sorts of main operations; On the foundation that masters basic data processing principle and method, can undertake design and analysis to algorithm; Can choose appropriate data structure and method to undertake the problem seeks solution. This check target follows before of each schools one's deceased father grind the distinction that the check target of outline does not have what materiality, this explains the guiding ideology of check of data structure course did not produce change, classmates can be not being affected already the proceed on the foundation that reviews positive result revises a plan, just be in of data structure took an examination of a dot to have some adjust. But the exam content of data structure is enumerate comes out only, do not have detailed analytic, here with respect to data structure take an examination of a dot to undertake analytic.

   IntroductionOne chapter inspects limits without what appear in outline, but the understanding that held this chapter to conduce to pair of whole course knowledge. Because this suggests,everybody still wants to revise this one rule. This one chapter takes an examination of a dot mediumly to reach master degree to be as follows to its:

The basic idea of data structure

Knowledge write down

The logistic structure of data and memory structure, what wanting to be able to distinguish to the noun from the back is what to belong to logistic structure belong to physical structure


Time and space are complex spent concept and magnanimity method


Algorithm sets timing note


  Linear watch
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