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Civil teach: 2Take an examination of 6 years grind political outline gains knowl
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  • Core clew: Strengthen a party be in office the guiding ideology that ability builds, overall objective and main task [analysis] strengthen a party be in office ability construction, must insist to be mixed theoretically with Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, carry out the main line of the party, basic guiding principle, primary experience in the round. China serves as the biggest developing country, in economically cast off poverty to offer for the developing country but endowment the good experience that draw lessons from.

Philosophical part:

The main body of practice and object reach its interaction

[analysis] practice is formed by main body, object and intermediary place. Main body is to point to the person that is engaged in carrying out activity and understanding activity. The main body of practice is the autonomy in carrying out an activity and dynamic role element, its ability structure includes the od of person itself, intelligence and affection psychokinesis, its society structure has individual, group, society and mankind 4 kinds of forms. Object is the summation of object of main body activity, it is to enter main body activity to the domain produces functional sexual relationship with main body or give priority to body activity place the external object that point to, have natural, society and mind 3 kinds of forms. The intermediary of concatenate main body and object is multiform tool, method and the program that use these tools, method and method. Carrying out an activity is the dynamic system that is basic framework with main body, intermediary and object.

Carry out the interaction of main body and object, be different from the interaction between general corporeal substance already, also be different from the interaction between average spirit and material, include these two kinds of interaction at oneself however. This kind of interaction is through the two-way campaign that main body object is changed and object main body changes implementation. This is the substaintial content of human practice activity.

Possibility and actuality

[analysis] possibility and actuality are to announce the past of the thing, mix now the category of the correlation in the future. Hold possibility this category, should notice to distinguish a few kinds of different situations: Want divisional possibility and impossible sex; The possibility that wants divisional reality and abstraction (unreality) possibility; Want two kinds to distinguish (good or annulus) possibility. The relation of possibility and actuality is the relation of unity of opposites. We want reality of base oneself upon, understand the complexity of possibility, creation condition makes the possibility of the thing becomes reality, score the success of practice thereby.
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