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Civil educational take an examination ofing grinds renown division He Yincheng t
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  • Core clew: He Yincheng: Civil teach a group in the whole nation a few 50 cities set a branch, dot signing up, a lot of cities open a face to teach a long-range perhaps class, classmates are OK the article with place the company undertakes contacting, specific time, the means that attend class. Assume place cannot be contacted, can land civil the website of the company, WWW. You can master calendar year examination questions seriously entirely suppose, each answer want to clear up, why correct, why mistake, want to make clear Hunan, a kind of such circumstances

Compere: July 2 when, weOne's deceased father grindOutline had come down, take an examination of this year grind outline is compared with photograph of in former years, compare big change? The teacher that ask congratulate gives us analytic.

He Yincheng: Western medicine outline is the smallest among all change, this year one's deceased father grind outline is not exceptional also, and took an examination of last year grind outline photograph is compared, biochemistry and surgery learn to basically be changed without what. Just be pathology, physiology and internal medicine learn to have a few fine tuning, pathology outline is for instance medium, increase " large intestine the cancerous pathogeny, pathological changes before sending ill mechanism, cancer " ; In physiological outline, deleted " small intestine serves as the reason that basically draws position " etc.

Compere: Hear of what we have 6 edition teaching material and 5 edition teaching material to say this year, did 5 edition teaching material and 6 edition teaching material do those modification after all this year? Can you introduce to us?

He Yincheng: Press tube-shaped part makes up people sanitation teaching material probably 5 undertake editing to 7 years, last year just is teaching material edits time, last year first half of the year, 6 edition teaching material was published. To you, what when learning, use is 5 edition teaching material, 6 edition teaching material sees again when taking an exam formally. Than what there is do 6 edition teaching material and photograph of 5 edition teaching material change? Main show is in the following respects.

The first, the change of content, 6 edition teaching material is compared with 5 edition, content has alter, have some of certain decisive content that involves solution problem even its meaning is contrary. For instance physiological in, 6 edition teaching material thinks " the peristalsis that gastric secrete element restrains a stomach " , and 5 edition teaching material thinks " the peristalsis of stimulative stomach of gastric secrete element " , assume you are come up against again similar 1999 the 18th problem such examination questions, can reach completely contrary answer; Again for instance about " constrictor of esophagus lower end " , 6 edition are physiological think with the science inside 5 edition, 6 edition stomach - esophagus boundary " annular flesh exists " , but former 5 edition of 2 ~ are physiological think here " exist without annular flesh, the high-pressured area that just one can prevent countercurrent of gastric content content " . .
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