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Kaoyan Mathematics sprint not to be missed: summary of tests of knowledge poi
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1, two important limits, the limits of undetermined type, substitution of equivalent infinitesimal Knowledge of these small inspection point in the calendar year are high. And through our analysis, if the test limit, then the main test is the Hospital's Rule Canadian equivalent infinitesimal substitution, especially for Mathematics students, may be a big issue here. 2, dealing with continuity, differentiability and differentiability of the relationship between Required to master a variety of function derivation methods. Such as the implicit function, parameter derivation, and so this type of equation, there attention to the application of functions of one variable, which is a focus of the examination over the years. Mathematics with Economics students here to inspect some of the questions. 3, Differential Equations: First, a simple linear differential equations, second order constant coefficient homogeneous / non-linear differential The first part, candidates need to have nine small type, small type for each different problem-solving approach, a different equation for each, apply different formulas on the line. For the second order constant coefficient linear differential equation we have to understand the structure of solutions. Another piece of the equation for the non-homogeneous, the candidates should pay attention to it and the characteristic equation of the ties, the homogeneous equation can ask it for the general solution, of course, we also need to give the general solution of the characteristic equation to write it, this change is Let the past few years a trend. This type of problem is the inverse problem. For the second order constant coefficient non-homogeneous linear equation we have to grasp classification. Of course, this one is for the number of three students, there is a problem of differential equations, difference equations, as we are not a priority, and remind you to learn when to pay attention, differential equations and differential equation solving methods are Similarly, when learning to pay attention to this point. 4, issue series, mainly for the three count and data This part will focus on: First, the constant series of properties, including convergence and divergence; II involves the power series, we have to master the range of convergence of the calculation of power series, convergence radius and functions, power series the problem started, to master a skilled approach to the calculation. For the power series summation function may be directly to let it find it a power series and functions or to give a constant series and we find it necessary to come into power series for the appropriate sum. 5, one-dimensional distribution function of random variable The continuous control variables to focus on this one. And there are a difficulty, one-dimensional random variable function is a difficult, find a dollar distribution random variable function in two ways, one is the distribution function, which is essential to master. Another is the formula, formula is relatively easy, but the application has some limitations. 6, the number of characteristics of random variables Remember that the number of one-dimensional characteristics of random variables to be memorized, numerical characteristics of small separate study, often and in front of the one-dimensional random variable functions and multi-dimensional random variable function and Chapter VI with the study of mathematical statistics. A number of students specifically, the study estimates and moments when the MLE will be investigated without bias. 7, parameter estimation This is a big question we often where we count this one pair, number two, number three in terms of candidates, including two knowledge points, one moment estimation, one is the maximum likelihood estimation, the two focus a big problem. A number of students, we stress that, consider this moment estimation or maximum likelihood estimation, most likely with no bias or validity of the province.