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China more than 1.5 million candidates in next year Kaoyan
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Press 1 from the Ministry of Education informed that in 2011 the National Graduate Entrance Examination 2011 January 15 to 16 held 1.51 million candidates will take the test. 1 held in the Postgraduate Entrance Examination 2011, video conference security management, said Lin Huiqing, Assistant Minister of Education, Graduate Entrance Examination 2011, the security situation is still grim, authorities at all levels of entrance examinations and admissions units to focus, treating the symptoms, made to ensure the safety test results. Lin Huiqing for sound leadership system and working mechanism, strengthen and improve the safety rules and regulations Examination system, strengthening the hardware construction, increase the anti-cheating device configuration, do a good job management, proposition officers, invigilators and other team's style of entrance examination, capacity and regulatory institution-building, and resolutely prevent and severely punish corrupt conduct entrance examination, clear accountability, and accountability. Lin Huiqing pointed out that in recent years, graduate entrance examination a smooth, safe working with remarkable results, the overall rate of study entrance examination declining discipline, Examination Discipline continued to improve. In recent years, graduate employment exam "cold" in a sustained manner. 2010, the number of applicants to graduate 140 million, up 13% over the previous year, the highest record since 2001.